“I like a painting that makes me want to stroll in it” RENOIR

The etymology of television is “Far Sight”, or to view in the first person, from the Greek and Latin, and it is that far sightedness which is required in TV production and transmission.  Philips Ambilight was a brilliant innovation in 2004, an immersive video experience compatible with TV sets, with light animation showing a standard camera view, through a second wide view - using a ‘fish eye’ lens, incorporating live action or animation.

Some 8 years later the BBC and Microsoft have appreciated the brilliance of the concept and taken up the challenge to produce programming using this ingenious method of transmission – sport can benefit from this technique.

“Of the original phenomena, light is the most enthralling” LEONARDO DA VINCI

The picture we, the viewers, see is a moving picture in a frame telling a story in which one can immerse oneself.

So television must exert similar emotions, be it in sport, drama, art, music or entertainment. Sport encompasses so many of those ‘emotions’, and the fan wants LIVE sport which is expensive, but is richer and more rewarding.  TV is interactive, colourful, with streaming multi-screen stats and data inserts.  It’s real, just what the fan wants.  Replays/ recordings are secondary. How many times can you replay a replay?